Garuda Cyber Security's Recovery function identifies appropriate activities to maintain the resilience plan and restore any capabilities or services that have been disrupted due to a cybersecurity incident. The Recovery function supports timely restoration to normal operations to reduce the impact of cybersecurity incidents.


Garuda Cybersecurity produces in the Recover Function includes: 

  • Ensure the organization implements Recovery Plan processes and procedures to recover systems and/or assets affected by cybersecurity incidents
  • Implement Improvements based on lessons learned and review of existing strategies
  • Internal and external communications are coordinated during and after recovery from a cybersecurity incident


Improve revenue generation with lower operational costs

Drive growth and improve profitability by transforming your technology in accelerating your digital business, reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as well as operating costs.

Enhance your end user experience

Excellence at measuring your service availability and providing data-driven insights into real application performance, from the end user’s perspective, enables you to deliver a better customer experience.


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