The Response function owned by Garuda Cybersecurity includes appropriate activities to take action regarding detected cybersecurity incidents. The Response function supports the ability to withstand the impact of a potential cybersecurity incident.


The response function generated by Garuda Cybersecurity includes: 

  • Ensure Response Planning processes are in place during and after incidents
  • Manage Communications during and after the event with stakeholders, law enforcement, external stakeholders as appropriate
  • Analysis is performed to ensure an effective response and support recovery activities including forensic analysis, and determine the impact of the incident
  • Mitigation activities are carried out to prevent the spread of an incident and to overcome the incident
  • The organization implements Improvements by incorporating lessons learned from current and past detection/response activities


Enhance your end user experience

Excellence at measuring your service availability and providing data-driven insights into real application performance, from the end user’s perspective, enables you to deliver a better customer experience.

Improve operational efficiencies

Reduce operational expenses with greater use of automation to improve resource utilisation in a dynamic workload environment. Reduce complexity of maintaining your infrastructure with a fully managed service by combining our network and managed services expertise to ensure the highest performance levels of mission-critical applications.

Improve revenue generation with lower operational costs

Drive growth and improve profitability by transforming your technology in accelerating your digital business, reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as well as operating costs.


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